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Women's Physiotherapy Reigate has recently launched workshops. These are small group sessions to educate and inform women about pelvic health with lots of opportunity to ask questions. There are three types of workshops depending on the subject that is most relevant.

Pregnancy Wellness Masterclass

Are you expecting a baby? 💗 Come and  experience a relaxing and insightful afternoon with other mums to be at our Pregnancy Wellness Masterclass! 


Brought to you by myself Women’s Physiotherapy Reigate, Becca of Be Your Own Birth & Saara Vance Yoga. Join us as we guide you through a calming session of pregnancy yoga, birth preparation techniques, active birth positions and hypnobirthing tips to help you feel calm and confident on your birthing day. Gain expert antenatal and postnatal guidance about the pelvic floor, perineal massage and postpartum recovery, including returning to full fitness.


When: Sunday 3rd March 2024

Time: 3pm to 6.30pm 

Where: Buckland Reading Rooms, Surrey 


Enjoy Tea & Cakes and a chance to chat with other expectant mums, making friends and connecting with each other. Empower yourself with the knowledge and tools necessary for a strong transition into motherhood!

Book your place now, early Bird Price is £50 - ending soon!


To buy tickets:

Pelvic floor workshop

This workshop is for women of all ages who would like to learn more about their pelvic health including the pelvic floor with lots of tips regarding how to improve their pelvic health. For some women this may be all they need to improve or resolve symptoms. The workshop is also appropriate for women with no symptoms who would just like to learn more and future proof their pelvic health. The workshop is a small group session with lots of opportunity to ask questions.


The workshop includes information about:

The pelvic floor and how it works

How the bladder and bowel work

Prolapse and how to manage it

The diaphragm and the role it has to play

How to optimise the function of all of the above

New online classes coming soon! Dates to be confirmed

Antenatal pelvic floor workshop

This workshop is for pregnant women who would like to learn more about their pelvic floor and how to optimise their pelvic health when pregnant, during and after childbirth. The workshop is a small group session with lots of opportunity to ask questions.


The workshop includes information about:

The pelvic floor when pregnant and after childbirth

Why and how to exercise the pelvic floor

Perineal massage, how and when to do it and the evidence behind it

Active birth positions and why these are important

What to expect from the pelvic floor after childbirth including immediate pelvic floor care

The types of exercise to do in the first few weeks postnatally

What’s normal postnatally and when to seek help

Returning to high impact sports

New dates coming soon. 

Peri/menopause workshop

This workshop is aimed to educate women on what is happening at this stage of  life and  how to manage & reduce symptoms.


Join Jessica Higton (Women’s Health Physiotherapist) and Helen Delaney (Women’s Peri/Menopause Health & Fitness Coach) for a small group evening workshop. 


We will be covering the following areas, there will also be plenty of opportunity to ask questions;

  • Symptoms (brain fog, anxiety, lack of libido, weight gain, night sweats, hot flushes, bladder leaks and urgency, prolapse, vaginal dryness)

  • Pelvic Health

  • Bone Health

  • Strength & Movement

  • Mental Health

  • Brain Health

  • How to optimise your health during this time

  • Who to go to for extra help or to find out more


When: next workshop Jan/Feb 2024; date to be confirmed 

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