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What to expect at
your initial appointment

Prior to the initial appointment you will be asked to fill out a registration form detailing symptoms and relevant medical history - having this information in advance allows more time for the assessment. 

The initial appointment takes 75 minutes and comprises two parts. The first part is a conversation about the completed form, during which details are added and clarified and treatment goals are discussed. The second part is a physical assessment, which may involve an internal examination (vaginal or rectal examination). A model of the pelvis is used to explain exactly what will happen and it is your choice whether to proceed, decline or ask for more information before making a decision. Internal examinations are only carried out with consent and can be stopped at any time. You are very welcome to be accompanied by a friend or relative to your appointment. If you prefer, a formal chaperone i.e. a trained member of staff can be requested. The Chaperone Notice provides further information.


After the examination, the findings will be explained as well as the reasons for problems experienced and a treatment plan will be formulated. Exercises may be taught and any further treatment that may be required to achieve your individual goals. Follow up treatments normally take 30 minutes.

What to wear?

There is no need to wear any particular clothing, however in order to carry out the assessment some items of clothing may need to be removed to enable a full assessment of the area. For privacy, screening is provided to change behind and a sheet is provided to ensure modesty is maintained. 

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